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Fay-West's Doctor-Supervised ChiroThin

Weight Loss Program



The woman pictured above started her weight-loss journey at Fay-West Chiropractic Health Center in the fall of 2016. Over the course of 6 weeks, she lost 32 pounds and 24.5 inches off of her shoulders, chest, waist, hips and upper thighs! Her BMI went from 40 down to 35! 

She has tried losing weight in the past, but has never seen such significant changes in 6 short weeks! This is only the beginning for her, as she plans to complete another 6 weeks of the Doctor-Supervised ChiroThin Weight Loss Program again soon!

This is how absolutely anyone can become a healthier individual, as being overweight leads to many debilitating chronic illnesses (high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, etc.). 

             Kathy's Story



   Kathy, pictured below, has a weight-loss story that resembles many others. Before coming to our office, Kathy had tried several popular weight-loss programs, fad diets, and strict personal trainers to lose weight. She became frustrated because the minimal weight she was losing would return quickly & the intense workouts were actually causing her to gain body inches, not lose them.

    After learning about our Doctor-Supervised ChiroThin Weight-Loss Program at Mt. Pleasant's Glass & Ethnic Festival, Kathy made her first appointment. After two 6-week programs spread over four months, Kathy has lost a total of 45.8 lbs and 36.5 total inches! Her BMI dropped from 33 to 27! Her blood pressure has lowered to 116/78 from 142/96! And most dramatically, Kathy has not felt the need for her asthma or heart burn medication since finishing her two rounds of the ChiroThin program!  ChiroThin is so much more than a weight-loss program...it can give you your old life back! 

           Mike's Story



Mike, pictured above, participated in our clinic's ChiroThin Gold Program and had results that went above and beyond weight-loss and smaller sizes. After attending one of our Weight-Loss Workshops & talking with other successful patients, Mike decided that this program was the right choice for him. 

After 6 weeks, Mike lost 42 lbs (this equates to 1 pound lost every single day for 6 weeks!!) and 20.5 total inches! At the start of the program, Mike's morning blood sugar averaged 120-130 mg/dL. At the program's completion, Mike's morning blood sugar was consistently between 80-90 mg/dL! This dramatic change will reduce his dependency on his medications & his chances of developing type 2 diabetes!

Taking Mike’s story a step farther, the week after he completed our ChiroThin program, he and his wife celebrated with a few of their old favorites: lasagna and wings. The days following both meals, Mike felt sluggish and simply miserable. Returning to his old style of eating was no longer a possibility in his eyes because he had fully realized the intimate connection between what he eats & how he feels! Congratulations, Mike!

       Nancy's Story



Nancy, pictured above, recently completed our Doctor-Supervised ChiroThin Weight-Loss Program and she has an inspiring story to tell! She was referred to our office by a friend who had also completed the program at our facility and boasted great results (see Kathy’s story above). After visiting our office, learning about the ChiroThin Program firsthand, and seeing the results that were possible from her friend’s transformation, Nancy knew this was for her!

After 6 weeks of working with Dr. Tyger, it was Nancy’s turn to boast her own incredible results! The pounds and inches came off as expected (25.8 lbs & 24 total inches), her BMI dropped 4 points, and her body fat dropped 5%. Still, Nancy started to notice additional changes that were a bit surprising...

During those 6 weeks, it became easier for Nancy to wake up in the morning because she was getting better quality sleep. She had sustained energy throughout the workday without the ups and downs of caffeine and sugary snacks. Her fingers and face had dramatically less swelling, her chronic hip and mid-back pain lessened, her headaches weren’t bothering her anymore, and the heartburn that was controlled with medication was no longer was an issue.

It’s no secret that the benefits of a healthy diet are far-reaching, but over time our aches and pain become our new ‘normal.’ We forget that the sluggishness every afternoon wasn’t always present. We forget what waking from a good night’s sleep feels like. We forget that our blood pressure/ blood sugar wasn’t always elevated…

Our Doctor-Supervised ChiroThin Weight-Loss Program does so much more than slim you down. It re-introduces you to your younger, healthier self.

Congratulations, Nancy!!